Dr. Danielle Gilas - DC, Wellness Chiropractor


Chiropractic changed my life.  I wish I had known then what I know now; pain is my body's instruction to radically change what it is that I'm doing. As a stubborn teen and high performance athlete, my eyes were set on winning, no matter what the cost. After a couple of years of intense training for hurdles, I experienced severe low back pain. Instead of altering my mechanics, training schedule/routine, I used to warm-up for hours until the adrenaline was significant enough to drown out the pain. I thought that if there was not pain, there would be no gain! It was at this time that I was introduced to chiropractic.

After my first adjustment, I noticed instant relief. And with regular care, I regained my flexibility and strength and my efforts on the track were awarded by a track & field scholarship to the United States. As long as I remember I wanted to help people and become a doctor, and after my first adjustment, my destiny of becoming a chiropractor was sealed.

My Chiropractic Journey

After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Kentucky, I returned home to Canada to be with my family. I began my chiropractic education at the esteemed Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Although I grew up in the small town of Tottenham, I always knew that Toronto would become my home.

Through chiropractic it is my hope to help each and every person who walks into my office to live a healthy vibrant life. Then these people will go into their lives and be an example of health and vitality to those around them and together we can truly make a difference. My key values in my practice are helping people create new and sustainable strategies to truly heal, deal with stress, learn and grow so old pain patterns do not continue to repeat and also to help people create the life of their dreams by optimizing their foundation: their health and well-being.

I live in the west end of Toronto with my partner and enjoy the perks of living near Bloor West Village, the lake, the Humber River and High Park. When I'm not caring for people in the office, I can be found enjoying time with family and friends, keeping active, enjoying the outdoors, cooking, volunteering or participating in continuing education programs.

My wellness routine consists of regular chiropractic adjustments, moving my body through walking, dancing, stretching, circuit training and jogging. I drink an abundance of water, supplement my diet with vital nutrients, nutritionally cleanse on a regular basis to remove harmful toxins from my body and encourage these practices with family, friends and practice members.

Enough about me! How can we help you with today's safe and natural chiropractic care? Give us a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.

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