Dr. Lorraine Campbell, C.Psych. Child Psychologist

Since becoming a registered psychologist in 1996, I have worked in a variety of settings providing counseling and assessments to children and youth. After completing my PHD in applied psychology at the University of Toronto, I spent several years as the director of research at Integra, a clinical agency that focuses on the social-emotional needs of children and youth with learning disabilities. During the last 10 years I have worked as a school psychologist. In this position, I provide assessments and consultation for students with learning disabilities, giftedness, ADHD, developmental disabilities and autism. While working in these clinical and educational settings, I developed an integrated understanding of the social, emotional and educational needs of children and youth. My work with teachers and other school personnel have given me a practical knowledge of educational accommodations and modifications that can be implemented in classroom settings.

I offer psychological assessments and counseling to help elementary and secondary school students and their parents identify a student's unique learning style, understand learning strengths and needs, and diagnose any disabilities that may be interfering with a student’s progress. These could include assessments of:
learning disabilities, pervasive developmental disorders (autism), developmental disabilities and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Assessment results can be used to identify both a school setting that could best serve the student’s needs and academic accommodations or modifications to insure student success. Accommodations could include: assistance with organization and time management, assistive technology, strategies to deal with behavior or self-regulation difficulties and educational programming. In addition, I offer assessments of giftedness to help identify areas of strength and develop academic and extra-curricular enrichment activities to help students develop to their full potential.

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