I've been seeing Dr. Danielle for several months now to help relieve the constant pain I was experiencing from my scoliosis. Receiving regular adjustments has put a stop to the pain I was feeling on a daily basis. Being 25 years old and not able to work out very much, or even sit in a chair for a long period of time really put a damper on my self esteem and impacted the way I felt about my body. The difference I feel in my body in just a few months is incredible. I stand taller, work out harder and smile bigger because I have no more back pain thanks to these adjustments.

Alina K

Love the peaceful and friendly environment here. I've seen Dr. Danielle for the past 3 years and she is amazing at what she does. Dr. Danielle is very caring and down to earth person and I continue to receive adjustments regularly so that I can maintain the amazing results.

Robin Sorys

Danielle's expertise and gentle approach to chiropractics proved to be most beneficial in the treatment of neck and jaw pain, sciatic pain and other troublesome aches that flare up from time to time. She is able to magically hone in on the trouble areas and offer relief. Danielle is a dedicated and caring healthcare professional who genuinely takes her patients' well being to heart. Her practice area is welcoming beyond belief - sit and have a cup of prepared tea - you'll feel at home.
I have been to see many massage therapists in my lifetime but none can compare to Karen. The same qualifications that I mentioned about Danielle apply also to Karen - gentle, caring, knowledgeable. Together they make up my dream team for better help. Thank you so much.

Mary R

I highly recommend Dr. Danielle.

She shows passion for her chiropractic practice like no other. She is not only professional but she also has a personal approach that makes me feel in the best hands.

Dr. Danielle adjusted me during my pregnancy and during my post partum recovery. I will definitively keep coming to see her.

Ana Naranjo

It was testimonials that brought me to Danielle Gilas in the first place. I had been receiving chiropractic care elsewhere which was giving me positive results, but had to drive quite a distance several times a week to get there. I wanted something closer to home, and found it right in my neighbourhood. Although I've been only seeing Dr. Gilas for a relatively short time,I already feel the difference, my body is much more relaxed with less pain & stiffness. I have scoliosis which results in all kinds of issues as your body is constantly compensating for the crooked spine. I would highly recommend chiropractic care to everyone as it helps with chronic pain and overall well being. Dr. Gilas is very thorough,attentive to your particular needs and takes her time to address your concerns, you never feel rushed. I would definitely recommend her.

Melita Kravis

Dr Danielle Gilas is more than a chiropractor to me and my family. For several years she has treated my spine for aging scoliosis and lordosis. this mean my bottom half twists in a different direction from my top half... side to side and front to back. It`s complicated. After my treatments I walk taller, straighter with less pain and more energy. She successfully treated my granddaughter for a birth injury and my daughter for residual diving injuries from her youth . My quality of life has improved through Dr Danielle Gilas`s gifted intuitive and trained chiropractic skills. Obviously I highly recommend Dr. Danielle Gilas Thank you Dr Danielle.

Sue Rumack

Before I started treatment with Dr. Danielle over two years ago, I had accepted the fact that I'd have to live with constant discomfort in my lower back and my neck for the rest of my life. Today, thanks to Dr. Danielle, I can't even remember what those days used to feel like. Her hands-on technique, combined with the holistic approach of her practice, has given me back my back! It's certainly worked for me, and I've recommended Dr. Danielle to everyone I know who's suffering back, neck, or joint problems.

John K.

We love coming in to see Dr. Danielle Gilas! Her strong, yet calm presence is always very welcoming and the stress just melts away after seeing her. I have been seeing Dr. Danielle for nearly three years now, and in that time has worked with my spine to rebuild it's "communication highway", showing it a new and healthier way to handle life's challenges, instead of having it stored in my body. I now stand taller and straighter with her gentle-touch methods. I have also brought my 2 children in to see her, and she knows exactly how to relate with them so that they feel safe and comfortable for their treatment, as well. Great results. Great space. Very accessible by foot, bike, car or TTC!

Heather V.

Danielle was recommended to me by a colleague who couldn't say enough good things about her. As soon as I met her I understood why. Danielle has helped me feel so much better in my body, from healing old injuries and chronic pain to relieving new problems that have surfaced for me. She was a huge relief for me during my pregnancy and during the postpartum period. I always felt relief after seeing her. Danielle has a warm and energetic personality with a genuine desire to heal and care for others. I love referring people to her knowing that they will be in the best hands. She is a truly gifted healer and I am lucky to have found her.

Safire Naranjo

When I came to see Dr. Danielle, I had severe sciatic nerve pain in my lower back and right leg. I had tried physio but relief was only temporary at best. Working with Dr. Danielle, the pain in my leg has gone. Regular adjustments along with Dr. Danielle’s wonderful advice have minimized my back pain. With Dr. Danielle, I like the fact that my feeling healthy is a partnership. We both have a role in helping me to be pain free. In fact, usually when I do have back pain, it’s because I have not followed her advice!

I would highly recommend Dr. Danielle’s services.

Sandie Birkhead-Kirk

I met Dr. Danielle about one and a half years ago, after having been referred to her by a friend and neighbor. Before meeting Dr. Danielle, I was experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety and fatigue. These feelings and symptoms were causing me to feel frustrated with myself. Dr. Danielle began a program of regular adjustments using the NSA approach with the frequency of adjustments gradually decreasing over time. There were check-ins and re-evaluations at key points in the treatment plan. Since beginning to see Dr. Danielle for regular adjustments, my symptoms have improved and when things begin to resurface, my body craves an adjustment and remembers very quickly how to respond. I find that since beginning care with Dr. Danielle, I am more relaxed and better able to respond to stressful situations; things that used to cause me a significant amount of stress, no longer do. She is always willing to talk, answer a question or go above and beyond to help the people she treats; this speaks volumes about her level of sincerity, professionalism and genuine care for her patients. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Dr. Danielle to somebody seeking to make improvements to their social, emotional, mental or physical well-being.

N. Caruso

Prior to visiting Dr. Danielle I was in a lot of pain and did not have much use of my right shoulder, arm and hand. As I am right-handed things were becoming increasingly challenging for me, especially at work. Initially my visits were 3 times a week, then tapered off gradually until I am basically maintaining and treating myself to a wonderful experience each time. You will also receive advice on helpful and targeted exercises or stretches that you may do at home.

It is true that the body is an amazing thing and if we pay attention and take a little care, we will surprise ourselves. Even if you have no discomfort or pain it is well worth your time as you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Christine C.

What prompted me to see Dr. Danielle was chronic upper back pain caused by a pinched nerve. The pinched nerve issue was resolved after a number of sessions and I finally regained the much appreciated mobility in my neck! Nevertheless, I continued to see Dr. Danielle for regular adjustments to treat scoliosis and occasional lower back pain from gardening. I had a break in sessions for a couple of months, as Max (Dr. Danielle's son) decided to make his entry into the world, and for sure the 2 month break did make my back more sensitive to stress and injuries.
I truly appreciate Dr. Danielle's calm and confident nature in approaching any issue and her desire to go beyond just the adjustment session and think about the kind of stretching exercises that might help me.
I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Danielle to family and friends!

Angela M.

I have been Dr. Danielle's patient for over four years. I suffer for lower back pain and torticollis in my neck. I could not imagine my life without her help. I feel so good after an adjustment, when everything is aligned and my energy can flow freely. Dr. Danielle is very dedicated to her patients, always there when I was in a acute situation. There was one time when I came to her office crying from pain, and I left singing. Thank you Dr. Danielle.

A. I

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