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Child Psychology & Assessments

The psychological services at Vivid Health are dedicated to providing the highest quality psychological services to children and their families. Our registered psychologist has over 20 years of experience in psychological assessments and counselling with children and teens, and will work with your family to restore or enhance your child’s academic, emotional and social well-being.


Psychological Assessments


Are you concerned about your child's academic development in the areas of reading, writing or math?  Do you feel that your son/daughter is underachieving at school?  Are difficulties with attention or organization interfering with your child's performance at school?  Do you see areas of exceptional cognitive and academic strengths that suggest your child may be gifted?  A psychological assessment can help by identifying strengths and needs, providing a diagnosis that can help access support and developing a plan to help your son/daughter achieve their fullest potential. 


PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENTS: Psychological assessments are available for children and adolescents in elementary, secondary or post-secondary school. All assessments are conducted by a registered psychologist and include an evaluation of cognitive skills, academics, attention and organizational skills. If you are concerned about your child's academic skills, social development, organizational skills or attention, a psychological assessment is a great place to start. Results can be used to identify strengths, diagnose needs and are accepted by both public and Catholic district school boards for identification. For more information and rates, please contact Dr. Lorraine Campbell. 


GIFTED ASSESSMENTS:  Students with exceptional cognitive and academic strengths can benefit from the accelerated learning, social milieu and enriched programming available in classes for gifted students. A gifted assessment at VividHealth includes a measure of cognitive profile and academic skills.


Counselling for Children, Teens & Parents


Whether your child or teen has been diagnosed with a disability or not, parenting is a challenge.  If you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is helping, parent coaching may be helpful.  Working with parents is often the best way to address individual goals for children or for the family.  In some cases, it can be helpful to reinforce these gains by providing individual counselling for children or teens.

For more information and rates, please contact us at info@vividhealth.ca.