Dr Lorraine Campbell

PhD C Psych

Since becoming a registered psychologist in 1996, Dr. Campbell has worked in a variety of hospitals, children’s mental health centres and schools providing counseling and assessments to families, children and teens. Here at Vivid Health, she offers psychological assessments to help identify a student's learning style, understand learning strengths and needs, and diagnose any disabilities that may be interfering with a student’s progress. Assessment results can be used to identify a school that could best serve the student’s needs or negotiate with the system to provide academic accommodations or modifications to insure student success. Accommodations could include: assistance with organization and time management, assistive technology, strategies to deal with behavior or self-regulation difficulties and educational programming. In addition, Dr. Campbell offers assessments of giftedness to help identify areas of strength and develop academic enrichment activities to help students develop to their full potential.

Dr. Campbell also offers counselling for children, teens and parents. Whether your child or teen has been diagnosed with a disability or not, parenting is a challenge.  If you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is helping, parent coaching may be helpful.  Working with parents is often the best way to address individual goals for children or for the family.  In some cases, it can be helpful to reinforce these gains by providing individual counselling for children or teens.