Dr Michael Michna


Dr. Michael Michna is a naturopathic doctor who obtained his B.Sc. from the University of Toronto and later his doctorate of naturopathic medicine 4 years later. He gained extensive experience working with patients with various conditions over the last decade in the healthcare field. His treatment plans are centered in evidence-based medicine and investigate and treat the root cause of disease – whether it is physical, mental or otherwise. 

Dr. Michael Michna has many special interests including digestive health, cardiovascular disease prevention, managing long-term weight loss, and pain management. He believes that the body is interconnected in various intricate ways and that treating one condition usually involves treating the person as a whole. Dr. Michna values the lasted research and integrates evidence-based medicine into his recommendations which supports your journey into better health.  

In his spare time, Dr. Mike can be found on the volleyball court or exploring nature, hiking a trail near you. He is passionate about self-improvement and continues to hone his skills to better the lives of every patient that he sees.