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Vivid Health Toronto

2312A Bloor Street West

Toronto ON M6S 4Y9

2312A Bloor Street West

Toronto ON  M6S 1P2


New Patients Welcome

If you're looking for wellness solutions for you and your family, you have come to the right place!   We hope to make your first visit with us as smooth as possible.  First, you will need to book your appointment, either ONLINE, call us at 647.478.1775 or email us at info@vividhealth.ca.  

Many of our clients begin with a Vivid Health Assessment, where you will be able to consult with several of our practitioners and establish your new care team and assess the overall state of your health and well-being.  This will give you insight into how your body & mind are functioning as well as recommendations will be made to advance your health.  Alternatively, you may be coming specifically for Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine, Child Psychology & Assessments, Child & Play Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counselling or Yoga.

Your First Visit

We strive to make your first visit to our office a comfortable experience. Our receptionist will welcome you and offer you tea and water. Your intake forms are typically done online before you arrive at the office.  If not, you will have the opportunity to fill them out before your visit with the doctor.  The forms will give us important information about you and your condition. The doctor will then spend sometime asking about specific questions about your condition and conducting an exam to determine if they can help you. If so, certain care programs or further testing will be recommended and discussed. If your  attending doctor cannot help, we can help refer you to another doctor.  As always, nothing will be done without your consent.  

Intake Forms

Once you have scheduled your first appointment, a link to the online forms will be emailed to you.  In the case that you are unable to complete them online, you will need to come early to your appointment in order to fill them out for your healthcare practitioner.  Every practitioner has specific questions and examinations to assess your current state of health.  Fill them out the best that you can, this will help your new care team member to make the best recommendations and discuss an accurate prognosis.  

Payment Options

Payment types include Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Debit, e-transfer. 


Insurance:  We will work with you in helping you take full advantage of your health care coverage. Call us today and one of our staff members will be glad to walk you through this process.


No Insurance: For patients that don't have insurance coverage, for chiropractic & massage, we offer flexible payment plans that can work within your budget.


After all, your health should always come first!  Patients that pay out of pocket, find our services to be surprisingly affordable.