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Vivid Health Toronto

2312A Bloor Street West

Toronto ON M6S 4Y9

2312A Bloor Street West

Toronto ON  M6S 1P2


Vivid Health Assessment for Children & Teens


  1.  Naturopathic Health Assessment


Initial visit including extensive detailed investigation of health history, current health conditions, disease prevention, nutritional assessment and screening, physical exam.  (60-90 minutes)


Review of Findings includes an integrated report providing nutritional guidelines, recommended testing and naturopathic therapies tailored to your unique biochemical individual health and wellness needs.  (45 minutes)

  2.  Chiropractic Health Assessment


Comprehensive Initial Chiropractic Consultation & Examination – comprehensive health history and exam including postural analysis, neurological, orthopedic & muscle testing (30 minutes)


Detailed Report of Finding & Recommendations – Postural/Exercises/Adjustments (45 minutes)


  3.  Psychological Assessment for Children or Teens


Comprehensive interview including developmental history, current concerns and screening assessment of emotional, academic or behaviour issues  (1 hour).


Detailed report of assessment results along with recommendations 

for both home and school (1 hour).