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Vivid Health

We Help Women & Their Families BE HEALTHY


Explore what better alignment, flexibility, strength, good posture and harmony of the spine, body and nervous system have to do with BEing HEALTHY


Naturopathic Medicine

Explore what nutrition, hormones, weight management and better chemistry has to do with BEing HEALTHY




Our story began in 2014, when Dr. Danielle was given an amazing opportunity. At 5 months pregnant with her son she found herself without a place to practice.  After exploring all options, she walked into 2312A Bloor Street West, belly first and knew immediately that this was it!  The skylights, flow of the rooms and fresh classic look made it an ideal place to serve patients.  Quickly, Vivid Health attracted a bright collection of astute health professions who had similar values looking for a place to serve their clients.  


Vivid Health’s doors opened in October and Dr. Daniells’s son, Maximilian, joined the land of the breathing in January 2015.  Dr. Danielle knows what it is like to juggle many things, from managing her home and office to raising a family while continuously striving to nurture her own health and vitality.


Vivid Health is a sacred healing space for women and their families to share.  We stand for better alignment of the body, mind, spirit and soul while recognizing that life is busy.


We are ecstatic that you’re here and we look forward to supporting you as we venture into an even healthier future for you and your family.


We promise to be your cheerleaders.


We promise to be available for you and your family so you feel supported as you make healthier choices.


We promise to go the extra mile to get you Vivid results!

Meet Our Family


Chiropractor and

Founder of Vivid Health

Network Spinal Analysis

Family Chiropractic

Pregnancy Care

Custom Foot Orthotics

Essential Oils

Dr. Anita Rajan.jpg


Incorporates Network Spinal Technique, Ayurvedic Principles, Energy Medicine, Scientific Hand Analysis/Life Purpose Coaching, Yoga and Meditation

Naturopathic Doctor

Digestive Health, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Managing Long-term Weight Loss, and Pain Management


Naturopathic Doctor
Women's Health, Hormonal Health, Children's Health, Pregnancy & Baby Care, Natural Family Health Care




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